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Turn data into decisions

Turn data into decision making

You can turn last quarter's sales history into next month's sales plan. Simply upload your data: Our DataApps will give you great insights to make better decisions.

Identify inefficiences

Understand your revenue sources

Identify inefficiencies to capture revenue that seemed lost. We anticipate novel income strategies and suggest products that can sell more.

Promote to specific customers

Promote to specific customers

Match high value customers to targeted offers. Understand your customers' behavior and suggest them exactly what they want to buy

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Some Examples

Increase revenue sources

A large retailer wanted to increase their revenue sources. Using Aentropico, they were able to find insights for these sources while raising their net revenue by over 20%.

A purchase department wanted to increase their productivity by defining risk profiles of different materials they would need for their following project. Using Aentropico, they could assess not only the risk exposure of different materials, but also simulate scenarios that showed how each purchase would affect their business.

Define risk profiles
Relations between customers and products

A brand wanted to understand the emerging relationship between products and their customers. Aentropico help them find out which properties of existing products (content size, package color, etc) would deliver the best results for new releases based on the customer purchase history.


With Aentropico's intuitive reports and visualizations we get all the knowledge from our data at a glance. We save a lot of resources by letting Aentropico automatically pick the best reporting tool for our specific needs.

Juanita León

Director of La Silla Vacía

Testimony Juanita Leon, La Silla Vacia

We have advanced in our projects to detect and prevent anomalies in the transactional data we oversee. In order to use Aentropico's computational statistics tools all we have to do is upload our data and they take care of the rest to provide us with actionable insight.

Adriana Arcila

IT Consultant Coljuegos

Testimony Adriana Arcila, Coljuegos

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